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recover Tik Tok account without a phone number in 2023


 Tik Tok account recovery Has your TikTok account been hacked? Have you lost access to your TikTok account? You do not remember the account information, the phone number, email, and username, or you lost your iPhone and Android mobile phone and are facing a problem in recovering your TikTok account. If you want to recover your TikTok account after losing your account information, then through this article you will be able to recover your TikTok account Tik Tok without a phone number, email and username in a very effective way by recovering a Tik Tok account.

recover Tik Tok account without a phone number in 2023
Tik Tok account recovery

recover Tik Tok account without a phone number in 2023

Retrieving a TikTok account You may have encountered a problem with losing your account on the TikTok platform, whether by hacking your account, or perhaps forgetting the password and basic information to log into your TikTok account, and the most important basic information for registering any account is the phone number and email, Gmail, and you may have created a new account TikTok for the purpose of using it for a few days, and then adding information to the account with a fake email, but now you use the account continuously and do not remember your account information in TikTok and you cannot retrieve the account.

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You may have asked about the best ways to recover a stolen or permanently banned TikTok account due to a violation or partial ban, but nevertheless, and whatever the reasons for losing the account, you can recover the TikTok account with the user name and also the phone number, and if you have forgotten all that information, there is another way you can Through it, you can retrieve any Tik Tok account that you cannot log in to.

Reasons to disable Tik Tok account

Among the most common reasons for disabling or banning a TikTok account is doing several things that lead to permanently or temporarily disabling your account, and among these things is posting videos that violate the standards of the tiktok platform, such as offensive videos, defamation, or videos that are not appropriate for society, as well as using programs and scripts Various, such as increasing TikTok followers, views, and others.

     TikTok account disabled due to a violation
     Disable tiktok account using Tik Tok followers increase programs
     Violating TikTok's standards

How to recover TikTok account with username

If you created a TikTok account, you must have added the email to your account, and you may not remember what the associated email is in the account, especially if you have more than one email, but there is a way to find out the associated email in the TikTok account by finding the associated email only Go to your emails and search for any messages that come from the TikTok application. With this, you can find out the associated emails in the TikTok account.

Or, you can remember the email address that you used with the TikTok account by going to the Forgot Password option and adding all the emails you own until a message arrives from TikTok informing you to reset the password for your TikTok account.
Steps to recover TikTok account with username:

     Open the TikTok app on your iPhone or Android phone
     Then tap Sign in with your account: when the TikTok app opens
     Go to the Forgot Password option
     Choose the email address as the TikTok account recovery method
     The username can be added instead of the email

Email the TikTok support team to recover an account

If the previous methods did not work for you, do not worry. You can recover the Tik Tok account by contacting the specialized support team very quickly. We will send a message to the Middle East support team for Arab countries, or you can contact the foreign support team. This method is successful in recovering the Tik Tok account, whether The hacker, the hacker, or even the forgotten password and basic information of the account.

United States:
Latin America:
Southeast Asia:

As you can see, I have provided you with all the emails of the foreign, Arab, and European support team. Just choose the support team mail that you want, let it be the American support team, and this mail is, and you open your Gmail account, create a new message, and put an email sent to the support team. And you tell them about the problem you are facing, whether your TikTok account has been stolen, or regarding the recovery of the permanently or temporarily banned TikTok account.

Here the article ended. I hope you like it, and if you encounter any problem or if there is any inquiry, do not hesitate to contact me through comments or via email, and I will respond to you as soon as possible.