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Parrot Security update to the latest version (2023)


 Parrot Security update to the latest version (2023)

A new update Parrot Security The distribution is the most powerful information security and rich in definition, which praises wonderful and completely new updates to the tools and the graphical interface, and the Parrot 5.1 update is available for download and installation as a fake platform, and the new update contains many characteristics and features and solves all previous problems that were faced by users of the Parrot 5.1 distribution - Security GNU, which is now more secure and contains new and updated tools dedicated to information security.

Parrot Security update to the latest version (2023)

The Parrot Security distribution is one of the brother distributions dedicated to penetration testing and ethical hacking. It is a very light distribution and contains a powerful graphical interface that facilitates the process of using Parrot Security. It is one of the strongest competitors to the Kali Linux distribution for penetration testing, but Parrot Security GNU remains one of the powerful distributions that contains All the hacking tools you need, such as scanning and tools for networks, hacking websites and servers, hacking Wi-Fi, hacking accounts, such as hacking TikTok accounts, and other very important and useful tools.

Parrot Security 2023 update features

The new update, as we mentioned, contains a lot of new features and tools, and many previous errors have been fixed, such as an error that was in the Firefox browser in the profile and the difficulty in browsing on the Internet, and also do not forget the important tools that new copies of them have been issued and updated to the latest version such as rizin and also Important updates for metasploit and Explitdb, and do not forget to also issue support for the operation of the Raspberry Pi, as well as fix Wi-Fi problems, Home and Security desktop improvements, and there are other important updates.

    Updated metasploit and Explitdb
    Fix Wi-Fi problems
    Fix Firefox browser problems
    Improvements to the Parrot Security desktop
    New updates for hack tools

How to update Parrot OS to the latest version 2023

The method of updating the Parrot Security distribution is very easy without having to download from the official website of the Parrot OS distribution. Rather, you can update the hacking distribution through only one command. First, go to the terminal command line and put the following commands:

    sudo parrot-upgrade
    sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

And upon completion of the update process, do not forget to restart the Parrot Security distribution through the sudo reboot command