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Download Termux Hacking Basics Book PDF


 Peace be upon you, followers of Shadow Hacker channel and blog, in this topic we will review a book about the basics of the termux application for ethical hacking and understanding all the commands of the Termex application and how to use it on the phone, whatever its type, it is very important if you want to learn to hack through the phone, you must master the termux application and learn all The functions and commands that the application performs and an explanation of each command separately to understand what each of those commands does, and perhaps the best way to learn the basics of the termux application is by reading the termux tutorial book pdf, so I will show you a set of books to learn the basics of the Termux application in Arabic and English .

Download Termux Hacking Basics Book PDF

Termux is one of the best penetration testing applications, and it is not a penetration application, as some believe, but is an open source command line. You can download and install hacker tools on your phone with ease. Many people prefer to use the phone instead of the computer, so the phone can easily move it anywhere, unlike a computer.

Why you should learn Termux

The Termux application is easy to use and a beginner can use the application and download it on his phone with ease, but in order to learn the termux application for hacking, you must first learn the Termux commands in order to be able to use the application and understand every command what to do, since the Termux application is a terminal of commands that you write commands For example, to move between files or even download tools and other things, but with that it is very easy and each command can be saved through practice and experience of commands.

What are the best books to learn Termux

There are many books to learn the basics of the Termex penetration application, and there are also educational videos and various courses that explain the Termex application from scratch to professionalism, but it is very important to read books before practical application to understand how to use it and you must focus on all the commands of the Termex application, as it is one of the most important basics of the application Without which you will not be able to learn how to use Termux.

Download Termux Basics book

After we got acquainted with the most important tasks that you should do and what is the Termex application, you must first download the Termex application on your phone or mobile, and then choose one of those books or you can download them all, and there are books in Arabic and also English, you can choose the one that suits you

Download Termux book


Termux Hacking Book