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vulnerability in WhatsApp New WhatsApp Zero-Day


vulnerability in WhatsApp New WhatsApp Zero-Day

vulnerability in WhatsApp New WhatsApp Zero-Day

A serious vulnerability was discovered in the WhatsApp application and fixed in the new update, as we know that the WhatsApp application is the most widely used and popular application among people and is one of the best instant messaging and chat applications, but it is not without serious gaps that the hacker can seize or control the phone in a way Complete and this is what happened in the two vulnerabilities CVE-2022-36934 and also CVE-2022-27492

As these two loopholes enable the hacker to fully control the phone by making a video call connection to a victim, and once the victim agrees to the connection, the hacker can fully control the victim’s phone and device. It is classified as 10-10% of its severity.

The newly identified vulnerabilities are:

    WhatsApp 0-Day Bugs

    CVE-2022-36934 - An integer overflow in WhatsApp for Android prior to v2.22.16.12, Business for Android prior to v2.22.16.12, iOS prior to v2.22.16.12, Business for iOS prior to v2.22.16. 12 could result in remote code execution in an established video call.
    — GBHackers on Security (@gbhackers_news) September 25, 2022

These two vulnerabilities were discovered by the internal security team of WhatsApp. These two security flaws are marked "critical" and rated 10/10. By exploiting these vulnerabilities, threatening actors can carry out various illegal activities:

The hacker was able to control the victim's phone by viewing the photos, dragging them, deleting files from inside the phone, filming the screen, photographing the victim through the camera, and many other dangerous things.

    Phone data theft
    Remote control of the victim's phone
    Completely hack the device
    Monitor phone activities