How to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages ( 2022 )

How to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages ( 2022 )

WhatsApp is one of the best applications for social networking with friends and creating group chats with a large number of Whatsapp users. We have witnessed a great development in recent years, and a number of messaging and chat applications have appeared that compete with WhatsApp significantly, but the Whatsapp application of Facebook remains in the first place for what it offers Great features and characteristics for users of the application, and among the features that we have witnessed with the continuous updates is the deletion of messages chatting with the other party, which is a useful feature so that if you send a message by mistake, you can delete it in a conversation from walls, messages and videos.

Although this feature is useful, sometimes we may be curious to know what your friend has sent you and you want to know the message he sent you in any way possible. Fortunately, there is a wonderful application that allows you to know the deleted messages in Whatrsapp and also read all deleted Whastapp messages in a very simple way .


How to recover deleted messages in Whatsapp

WhatsDeleted application is one of the best applications for recovering deleted messages in WhatsApp and reading all messages, videos and images and restoring them again. Automatic without the need to save it manually, and you can access the messages saved in Whatsapp with ease and you will not need to hack WhatsApp.

How to recover deleted messages in Whatsapp

WhatsDeleted Features: Recover deleted WhatsApp messages

    Automatically save WhatsApp chat messages
    Deleted Whatsapp messages can be retrieved
    It saves videos and photos in storage
    easy to use
    Works on all phones

 How to use:

    Give permission to allow access to storage in the phone.
    Allow notification access (click the switch next to Notification Listener
    Media Observer is on by default.
    Backup location:
    Images -> External Storage / WhatsDeleted / WhatsDeleted Images /


 WhatsDeleted is the only application that gives you these features at the present time and there is no other application that you can use to recover deleted messages in Whatsapp and often these applications do not give you such features so I highly advise you to use WhatsDeleted application, it is the best now.

Download WhatsDeleted app to read deleted Whastapp messages


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