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Hack WhatsApp account in an easy way (2022)


If you are looking for an easy way to hack a WhatsApp account and without experience, this topic will be useful to you, because in this article we will discuss how to hack a WhatsApp account through a wonderful tool through the fake page and without any great experience in the field of hacking and hacking, and the WhatsApp application is One of the best and most popular applications is social communication, messaging and many people who use the Whatsapp application in daily conversations and communicate with friends, so today we will explain how to hack WhatsApp easily and in the best way.

Hack WhatsApp account in an easy way (2022)

There are many ways that allow you to hack WhatsApp, and we have previously explained many effective and very useful ways to obtain any WhatsApp account, no matter how protected it is. Of course, if the victim does not have enough experience in protection and the field of hacking and hacking, this is very easy to hack through social engineering. Only, and perhaps you have heard a lot and seen many explanations, whether on YouTube or from our website Shadow Hacker, about the methods that hackers use to hack whatsapp, but most of these methods may be very difficult for beginners.

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How to hack WhatsApp via a fake page

Hacking whatsapp may be difficult or impossible due to the strong protection of the WhatsApp application, but whatever protection there is, there are strong and new methods that are being invented and finding new loopholes in the WhatsApp application, and what we will explain today is an easy method called a phishing attack, which is a very easy way that can It has to hack WhatsApp without any experience, and it is one of the most powerful penetration-testing attacks, and this attack can be used through the Termux penetration application.

Instructions to install WhatsApp hack program

First open the termux app and then put the commands to install the whatsapp hack tool

     apt update
     apt upgrade
     pkg install git
     pkg install wget
     pkg install php
     pkg install openssh
     wget-qO- | bash