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How to Hack tiktok account (2022)


 The way to hack Tik Tok In this article, we will learn about all the possible and effective ways to hack Tik Tok accounts, and the Tik Tok application is considered one of the most influential applications in the world and the Arab world, and many are looking for How to Hack TikTok Account How to hack a Tik Tok account so today we will summarize the most important things Or the ways that you can hack any Tik Tok account, hack the password, and take over the account completely.

How to Hack tiktok account (2022)
Hack tiktok account

How to Hack tiktok account (2022)

Yes, of course, you can hack Tik Tok accounts, and there are many ways and methods used by the hacker that enable you to hack the Tik Tok account. Some methods will be difficult and others will be easy for him, but with that, I will present to you all the ways to hack the Tik Tok account and you can use these methods if you are unable to access Your account if your Tik Tok account was hacked and you could not retrieve it.

It is worth noting that we must maintain and protect our account information well so that our account on Tik Tok, Facebook or social networking sites is not hacked.

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There are several ways in which you can hack the password of a Tik Tok account

    Hacking Tik Tok with fake pages
    Guessing the password of the Tik Tok account
    hack tik tok account by phone
    hack tik tok account social engineering
    Tik Tok account hack

Hack tik tok account with fake pages

One of the easiest way to hack Tik Tok is using fake pages, which is a login page for the Tik Tok website, but it is not real. You can make a fake page to log into Tik Tok easily and you can upload it to any hosting sites or on Shell. To the victim who wants to hack his account on Tik Tok

As soon as he enters the link to the fake page, a site similar to Tik Tok will appear to you. You will use with the victim the technique of social engineering, and you may be wondering what is social engineering? Simply, it is the art of penetrating minds to convince anyone to do something, and this is what we want is to convince and deceive the victim By typing his password and his user, and when he writes the password, it will be sent to you on your e-mail or in the same file as the fake page.

brute force attack password of the Tik Tok account

Guessing the password of the Tik Tok account is one of the very easy ways. There are some scripts and applications that allow you to make a brute force attack tik tok, which is to guess the real password using six passwords that contain very large passwords exceeding a million. I will give you an example of this and suppose that we have a Tik Tok password account His ( Shadow8338 )


The guessing script will try it with a password (ShadowHacker123) first, and if the password is wrong, it will force the second password until it reaches the real password (Shadow8338), then the guessing script will stop and tell you that it has found the real password for the Tik Tok account.

hack tik tok account by phone

How to Hack tiktok account (2022)
Hack tiktok account

The way to hack Tik Tok is one of the ways and I guarantee it is to hack the phone that you want to steal its account on the Tik Tok application, and this method needs prior knowledge in testing the penetration of Android phones, that is, you must be aware of how to hack the phone and control it, and it is a way that we send an APK file that is like this In fact, the application is a mine, that is, when sent to the victim, his phone will be hacked.

And we can fully control it as if the phone is in your hands. You can withdraw photos, videos, files, WhatsApp conversations, delete phone applications, install applications, withdraw the communication history and hack the phone’s camera

But what matters to us is how to hack Tik Tok. Well, I will answer this question. When you hack the phone, you can, as I told you, control it completely and you can withdraw the passwords of the accounts stored in the phone, which are logged in from emails and accounts on sites in the browser and applications, including the Tik Tok account

Hacking and hacking the Tik Tok account using the available email

This method is considered to be one of the easiest ways to hack a TikTok account, as we know that some people create a Tik Tok account and put a fake e-mail or an e-mail dedicated to the TikTok account and do not use it much, and as we know when creating a new e-mail and do not open it for ten months, this e-mail Available for use, meaning that anyone can create the same email.

Although it is available for use, the email is still linked to hacking Tik Tok currencies or Facebook, and there are some scripts that allow you to extract the emails associated with the accounts and tell you if they are available or not, and all you have to do is create an email with the same email associated with the Tik Tok account that you want Hack and work forgot the password and then hacked easily.